Will Power                                                  Marcus Anderson
Journey                                                       Mitchell Coleman Jr
Hush                                                            Paiul Brown   
Apogee                                                        Kayla Waters

You & I                                                        Raul Midon

Killa B                                                          Blair Bryant

Round N' Round                                       Greg Manning

Games                                                        Jazmin Ghent

60 Miles                                                      Sean U 

Say Something                                          Clint Holmes
Shuffle In The Dark                                   John Novello
Midnight Drive                                          Michael Lington

Groove With Me                                        Jimmy Roberts
When Lights Are Low                               Catherine Russell
Friends                                                        Kirk Fischer
Groove Salad                                             The Allen Carmen Project
Sassy Stew                                                  Jason Miles 
Groove Paradise                                        U NAM                                                        
Shape of You                                              Ed Sheeran
Laguna Beach                                            Marc Antoine 
Miracle                                                        Horn and Holland
Don't Say A Word                                      Walter Beasley                 
Automatic (Part 1)                                     Jean-Michel Jarre                            
Bayside Groove                                         Reza Khan
City Lights                                                   Tim Bowman       

On The Beach                                            Rob Sabado

No Plan                                                       David Bowie                                         

Baja Queen                                                E-von    
Pure                                                             Chase Huna                
Boom Boom                                              Gerald Albright
Can't Stop The Groove                             Danny Kusz                   
Dis Sup                                                        Kirk Fischer
Latin Jive Redux                                        Christian de Mesones                                                 
Dreams To Reality                                     Stuart Redd                 
Mobile-Global                                           Bob Baldwin                           
Why Not                                                      Marc Antoine f Philippe Saisse  
A Love Like Ours                                       Dominique Toney
Limitless                                                     Patrick Lamb 
When I Look at You                                  Jim Samuel featuring Darryl Fitzgerald Walker                  Morning Mist                                            The Oberhamer Brothers                                       
Mr Cool                                                      Charley Langer

Stay With Me                                              Sylvia Bennett
Jazz Man                                                     Beth Hart
Esperanza                                                   Richard Hernandez
Cali Style                                                     Daniel Chia    
Pamsong                                                     Jay Nya Sol
Smooth Ride                                               Jay Rowe   
Alisa Ohri                                                    U+Me                                 
Moving On                                                  Tyler Reese 
Pear Bear                                                    Steve Watson
So Cool                                                        Doc Powell
Kickin Back                                                  Steve Raybine 
Reasons                                                       Michael C Lewis 
Gypsy Soul                                                 Althea Rene'
Yesterday Again                                         Rob Zinn 
Deja Vu                                                        Justin Klunk
Back to Your Heart                                    Lindsey Webster 
Cayenne                                                      Dreaming In Color
A Simple Love                                            Jack Magnet        
Impact                                                         Brandon Willis
Echos Rising                                               Paul Hardcastle 
Changing Tides                                          Justin Klunk
Road to Monterey                                     Threestyle  

Higher Ground                                          Nathan East
California Dreaming                                 DW3
She Bop                                                      Cindy Bradley
Best Friends                                               Ashleigh Smith 
Blue Soul                                                     Justin Young
222 South                                                   Erich Cawalla
Supersonic                                                 Will Donato
Check It Out                                               Max V
Rosy Cheeks                                               Peet Project feat. Dave Koz
Eat Something                                           Selina Albright

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