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June 25, 2017

Remembering Wayman                      Ben Tankard
Apogee                                                   Kayla Waters

Movin' Up                                              Mattias Roos

A Night With You                                   Jay Rowe

Early Arrival                                           Ragan Whiteside

Summer Nights                                     Jazz Holdouts

Bright                                                      Max V

Party Time                                              Reggie Codrington
Caribbean Cruise                                  Dave Sereny
Five Mountain Dance                          New Latitude
Groove Paradise                                   U NAM                                                        
Sunshine                                               Doug Jones
Remember Me                                      Jennifer Hudson
Nasty                                                      Vincent Ingala                               
Bayside Groove                                    Reza Khan

Aloha Nights                                         Geoff Albert                                       

Till I Get It Right                                    Patti LaBelle 
Boom Boom                                         Gerald Albright
Breezin'                                                 Herb Wilborn Jr
Right Back Atcha                                  Pieces of A Dream
Latin Jive Redux                                    Christian de Mesones              
We Don't Talk Anymore                      Rick Braun
Mobile-Global                                       Bob Baldwin                           
One Breath, Two Hearts                     Bob Holz
Tender                                                   Skinny Hightower

Like This, Like That                              Chris Standring

Sun Rider                                               Jaee Logan
Unconditional Love                             Christie Grace
Wonder                                                  Jazzy D (Featuring Kenya)

Skyline                                                   Philip Patterson                           

Back to the Groove                              Eric Valentine and Velvet Groove
Road Trip                                               Andre Cavor         
Carnival Begin                                      Lindsay Buckingham & Christine McVie
Puerto Vallarta                                     Remote Jazz
Tonight                                                   Valeriy Stepanov
Uptown Jazz                                          Tony Saunders                      
Vivid                                                       Blake Aaron
Love Is A Battlefield                            Maysa
Sway                                                      Lawson Rollins

Thunder and Lightening                    Kirk Fischer
Blue Rondo                                           Philippe Saisse 
222 South                                              Erich Cawalla
Supersonic                                            Will Donato
Lay Back                                                Vann Burchfield

Trinity                                                     Jackiem Joyner