James "PJ" Spraggins                                                If It Isn't Love
United States of US                                                  Vanessa

Phillip "Doc" Martin                                                 Club Life
Daniel Chia                                                                Where Do We Go From Here

Arturo Romay                                                           Voces del Alma

Dee Dee Bridgewater                                              Yes, I'm Ready

Bob Ferrel                                                                 We Began With a Kiss

Philippe Saisse Trio                                                 Lucky Luke

Jeff Lorber Fusion                                                    The Badness

Siloampool                                                                7 Days

Saweco                                                                      Keep On

The JT Project                                                           Another Chance

Hiroe Sekine                                                             Sinar Matahari

Paul Hardcastle                                                       Cut Loose

John Sherry                                                              Bossa Bouree

Michael Townsend                                                  Warm Feelings

Eric Valentine & velvet Groove                             Mi Sol

Jay Rowe                                                                   Rosemary's Tune

October 15, 2017

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