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Two Hearts One Soul                          Sylvia Bennett

Hello                                                       Jazmin Ghent

Let's Take It Back                                 Najee
Waves Against The Shore                   Fuller French

Imagine                                                 Herb Albert

Dee Brown                                            Hey Baby!

Backseat Drivers                                 Marcus Anderson

Body Talk                                              Isley Brothers & Santana

Cantankerous                                      Ben Tankard              

Champaign Of My Life                        Peet Project

You're The One                                    Julian Vaughn
Let It Go                                                Jonathan Fritzen

Fly Away Butterfly                               Carol Albert

Electrify                                                  Sean U

Get 'N It                                                 Gregory Goodloe
Rojo                                                        Steve Khan
Drifting                                                   Keith O'Rourke

Nice Work If You Can get It                Paula Cole
Dear Friend                                           Patrick Bradley
Love Never Felt So Good                    Funkee Boy
101 One                                                 Darren Rahn

I'm Yours                                               Herb Albert

Afterglow                                               Tory Harris

All I Wanna Do                                     Groove Frequencies

Jazz Along the 101                                Justin Young

Cruisin                                                    Deon Yates
Down the Road                                     Paul Jackson Jr.

Possible                                                  Selina Albright

You're The One                                     Julian Vaughn

Piccadilly Circus                                    Paul Brown ft. Chris Standring

Remembering Wayman                      Ben Tankard
Movin' Up                                              Mattias Roos

A Night With You                                   Jay Rowe

Early Arrival                                           Ragan Whiteside

Summer Nights                                     Jazz Holdouts

Bright                                                      Max V

Party Time                                              Reggie Codrington
Caribbean Cruise                                  Dave Sereny
Five Mountain Dance                          New Latitude
Groove Paradise                                   U NAM                                                        
Sunshine                                               Doug Jones
Nasty                                                      Vincent Ingala                               
Bayside Groove                                    Reza Khan

Aloha Nights                                         Geoff Albert                                       

Till I Get It Right                                    Patti LaBelle 
Breezin'                                                 Herb Wilborn Jr
Latin Jive Redux                                    Christian de Mesones                     
Skyline                                                   Philip Patterson                           

Back to the Groove                              Eric Valentine and Velvet Groove
Road Trip                                               Andre Cavor         
Tonight                                                   Valeriy Stepanov
Uptown Jazz                                          Tony Saunders                      
Vivid                                                       Blake Aaron
Love Is A Battlefield                            Maysa
Thunder and Lightening                    Kirk Fischer
222 South                                              Erich Cawalla
Supersonic                                            Will Donato
Lay Back                                                Vann Burchfield

Trinity                                                     Jackiem Joyner

My Everything                                      Briana Babineaux
My Girl                                                  Blair Bryant
Dino's Song                                          Donald Phillips Project

The Purpose                                         Abraham Day
Island Gal                                              Elan Trotman



August 13, 2017

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